Shipping Info

Want to have a piece of Hong Kong themed photography prints at your home? You have it!


Hong Kong (Door-to-door Delivery)

Size Without Frame With Frame
Small / Medium / Large HKD60 HKD80




Size Without Frame  With Frame
Small HKD80 HKD100
Medium HKD80 HKD280
Large HKD80 HKD300
XL HKD80 Upon request



Size Without Frame  With Frame
Small HKD150 HKD360
Medium HKD150 HKD390
Large HKD150 HKD390
XL HKD150 Upon request


Europe & Australia

Size Without Frame  With Frame
Small HKD120 HKD180
Medium HKD120 HKD340
Large HKD120 HKD390
XL HKD120 Upon request



For dimensions of our prints, please refer to Size and Materials.

The shipping service is provided by our vendor and the prices above may fluctuate. International shipping usually costs 10 working days.

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