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Cruisin' Whampoa

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What is a ship doing in the middle of a residential area? That was the question I had when I saw the photo of Whampoa Garden, which became the first object I wanted to capture when I got my drone. The ‘ship’ is actually a shopping mall serving more than 50,000 residents here, and its photogenic design pays tribute to the Whampoa Dock, which was located right here in the 1860s.

- Available in portrait and landscape

- Drone shot (ratio 4:3)

- Photographed in 2020 in Whampoa, Kowloon, Hong Kong

- Drone Photography / Architecture / Cityscape / Urban Photography


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S - Small 15.75 x 21 25.75 x 31
M - Medium 27 x 36 37 x 46
L - Large 40.5 x 54 50.5 x 64
XL - Extra Large 60.75 x 81 70.75 x 91

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